BCIA Bull Sale

     The all-breed tested bull sale held in Palmyra, MO is sponsored by the NEMO BCIA. It is a cooperation between breeders and the University of Missouri Extension livestock specialists.

     The bulls offered have met certain predetermined standards in order to be eligible for this sale. All participating bulls are in the Missouri On-Farm Testing program and under the supervision of the University of Missouri Extension specialists or have been fed in a supervised official test station, or their respective Breed Association Program.

Sale Order

     Any bull rated A-, regardless of breed, will be sold at the beginning of the sale.

The remaining bulls will be sold according to sale index. The sale index is based on the following factors:

  • 20%  Adjusted 365-day weight
  • 20%  Adjusted 18-month height
  • 20%  Sale day Grade
  • 20%  Yearling weight EPD
  • 20%  Calving ease EPD

Sale Requirements

  • The bulls must be produced in a registered herd that is enrolled in the Missouri On-Farm Performance Testing Program, or be tested individually at one of the Missouri Testing Stations under University supervision.
  • The bulls eligible for the 2020 spring sale must have been calved from January 1, 2018 through February 29, 2019.
  • All calves, in the herd eligible for registry, must have been weighed and graded at weaning for that season.  Herd definition—All cattle on a given farm and handled as a separate unit.
  • The bull calves nominated must be weighed at weaning between 160 and 250 days of age.
  • All yearling weights must be supervised by the regional MU Extension Livestock specialist or authorized personnel.
  • The bull’s yearling weight must be taken between 320 and 440 days of age.  He must have adjusted 365-day weight of 1100 pounds or above, grade a B- or above and measure 49 inches or above at the hip.  Yearling hip height in inches converted to Frame Score are:
    • Frame 3 = 45 to 46.9 inches
    • Frame 4 = 47 to 48.9 inches
    • Frame 5 = 49 to 50.9 inches
    • Frame 6 = 51 to 52.9 inches
    • Frame 7 = 53 to 54.9 inches
  • All bulls must be in the upper 50th percentile for EPD in two out of four traits: Birth Weight (BW) or Calving Ease (CE), Weaning Weight (WW), Yearling Weight (YW) and Milk.
  • If the bull has been used or in service prior to the sale, it will be announced from the auction block.
  • Bulls, to be eligible for this sale, will have to be owned as a cow-calf unit prior to the time the calf is 120 days old.  Exceptions to this rule in partnership cattle, leased herds, etc., will be determined by the sale committee prior to consignment.
  • All bulls must be semen tested and examined for breeding soundness by a veterinarian within 60 days of sale, using standard assay analysis of semen approved by the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri.  Bulls with soundness defects will not be sold.
  • All bulls will be weighed, graded for conformation, and feet and leg scores measured, height and testicle circumference on sale day beginning at 7:00 a.m.
  • The bulls must be tested for Bang’s and vaccinated for Lepto disease within 60 days of sale date. Health certificates acceptable in any state will be furnished. Bulls have also been tested negative for BVD, PI, and Non-Virgin bulls and bulls 24 months of age and older are tested negative for trichomoniasis.

Sale Manager

Al and Katie Dames
Highway 24 South
P.O. Box 309
Palmyra, MO 63461

Sale Day Phone: 573-769-2237


For more info, contact your local Extension Agent:

Zac Erwin


 MU Extension

Livestock Specialist

660-665-9866 or 

Daniel Mallory


MU Extension

Livestock Specialist

573-985-3911 or 

Brenda Schreck


 MU Extension

Livestock and Youth Specialist

573-767-5273 or